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shorts and features


A Positive Contribution

Drama (short)

An apathetic doctor, who makes a positive contribution to society by wiping memories of criminals, braves a daring escape from a Memory-Replacement Institute to save the daughter she can't remember.

Story by Bree Mitchell

Oil on Bone

Thriller, Mystery (feature)

A vulnerable artist must unearth traumatic childhood memories to find her mother's killer before he finds her. 

Comparables: Winter's Bone

donald-giannatti-7lbzwVoEh9c-unsplash (1).jpg


Drama, Comedy, Fairy Tale (animated short)

When his family's livelihood is threatened by a greedy princess, a by-the-books teen troll must overcome his fear of improvisation to help them find a new career, as jazz musicians.


Drama, sci-fi (short/TV pilot)

In the steampunk future, where people with the special ability to implant dreams are exploited and feared, a dutiful Dreamcaster is forced to flee or face execution by the Government's brutal Enforcers.

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