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short stories

Fancy a short story? 

Image by Jessie McCall

Drama, Comedy, Fantasy

Melinoe, the Greek Goddess of Sprits and Nightmares is a soda-slurping tween taking a paddleboat down the Rhein.  A grizzled captain entertains her with the tale of the Lorelei, until her mother arrives. 

Shortlisted on Reedsy Competition. 

Drama, Historical

An oak tree witnesses the joys and evils of human progress.  Shortlisted on Reedsy Competition

Image by Simon Wilkes

Drama, Fantasy

In a world where 'The Pales' are the minority, a mother and  child struggle to survive in a brutal Re-Location camp.


A rehearsal dinner goes deliciously off the rails. 


Drama, Speculative

What happens when a virus destroys the amygdala of 90% of the world's population?  A Literature Professor and her students ponder (and experience) the consequences. 

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